Alternate History

HMS Churchill docked in the British Virgin Islands after its recent voyage near Cuba

Fort the third time this year, United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has ordered a warship to sail through the Cuban Strait. Leaders of the US Progressive Party admonished the action saying, “The United Kingdom would be wise to not meddle in American affairs.” Is Cuba part of the USA…

Great advice, particularly on not just chasing a well paid job like so many focus on. I find so many people my age (mid-20's) take this well written advice out of context.

They think they need to building all 7 streams at the same time and in doing so fail to get more than 1 off the ground.

From what I've seen in people who have reached a later stage in life and possess some if not all of these seven streams is that the built one at a time.

They started with earned income, leveraged the skills and network from the job into profit and business, and then leveraged those profits into the other streams as mentioned above.

Focusing on building one at a time until stable seems to be the surest course of action for readers in their 20's.

Tyler Walter

A self-proclaimed Renaissance Man my interests are too many to list but this is a good start: Growth, Business, Culture, History, Science, Philosophy, Travel.

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